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Marcus also stops the show with ‘Hosing the Furniture,’ a furious riff on 1930s domesticity from a 1989 revue called Sitting on the Edge of the Future, where writers were asked to respond to the 1939 World’s Fair. The song won Larson the Stephen Sondheim Award, and after hearing the clever lyrics interpreted through Marcus’s blazing, full-bodied performance, it’s easy to see why.
— Theatermania
Andy Mientus, Krysta Rodriguez, Nick Blaemire, George Salazar, and Lauren Marcus

Andy Mientus, Krysta Rodriguez, Nick Blaemire, George Salazar, and Lauren Marcus

"Lauren Marcus is only moments away from being discovered as Broadway’s 'next-big-thing' (and it will likely happen when she takes to the stage in February’s Be More Chill).  It would be a crime for 'The JLP' to be the last time audiences will see her take on 'Hosing the Furniture,' an astounding portrayal of a woman completing her domestic “duties,” while worrying about her appearance and the fact that her housework is a reflection of her soul. As Marcus grew increasingly angry, working tirelessly to keep a smile on her face, she impeccably lamented, 'Sometimes I wish this hose were a gun,' finally crooning, 'I’m free!' Marcus’ performance was filled with humor and range, and her amazing take on this piece dared audiences to ever look at a crumb the same way again." -TheaterPizzazz


As the reluctant bride Amy, Lauren Marcus brings the house down with her hilarious, sprawling and bawling ‘Getting Married Today.’ It is the comic highpoint of an amusing evening.
— Berkshire Fine Arts
Has there ever been a more hilarious performance of ‘Getting Married Today’ than that delivered by Lauren Marcus, who’s in fine Gilbert and Sullivan-like fashion?
— WBUR 90.0

“Even the safe harbor of marriage holds so many terrors for Bobby’s friend Amy (Lauren Marcus, fabulous) that she has an epic pre-wedding meltdown in the hilariously unhinged ‘Getting Married Today.’” – The Boston Globe

“Role for role, this is the best-sung ‘Company’ I’ve ever heard—not just in regional theater, but anywhere…everyone is a first-class vocalist.” – Terry Teachout, Wall Street Journal

Marcus’ Amy is wildly, wonderfully comedic.

“Amy, played by Lauren Marcus, has the most difficult song to sing, its words that fly by being so very important to the storyline. She is a rare clown, one who can make us laugh and cry at the same time.” -Berkshire Bright Focus

“The comic highlight of the score, and the production, is Amy’s (Lauren Marcus) ‘Getting Married Today.’” –Berkshire On Stage

“Individual performances are all excellent, led by Lauren Marcus performing ‘Getting Married Today’, during which her character, Amy, is the personification of a bride having a meltdown on the morning of her wedding.” -Troy Record

The Humans

Lauren Marcus and Fajer Kaisi are excellent as the young hostess and her swain...Ms. Marcus’ own reading of a half-hearted letter of recommendation is one of the many naturalistic highlights in her performance.

"...with Dykstra’s father and Marcus’ Brigid being notable, he for his seeming strength and she for showing a character that isn’t as strong as she seems." -St. Louis Eats & Drinks

“Lauren Marcus conveys both the love and the fragility of Brigid, frustrated by her stalled life.” -Ladue News

Be More Chill

Ms. Marcus sings the seductive ‘Do You Wanna Ride?’ with a suggestiveness that could push a boy through puberty.
— Front Row Center

Other Select Reviews

"Lauren Marcus is a devilish dynamo as the bad seed Mary, utterly convincing as a spoiled adolescent willing to destroy anyone in her way."  -Backstage on THE CHILDREN'S HOUR at Astoria Performing Arts Center

"Capable of instant mood shifts, she (Lauren Marcus) is by turns charming, cajoling, needy, assertive, petulant, seductive."  -The Lakeville Journal on THEY'RE PLAYING OUR SONG at Sharon Playhouse

The surprise show-stopper of the night was supplied by Lauren Marcus, performing the Styne, Comden & Green Two On The Aisle classic, ‘If,’ with a lunatic comic vivacity that zinged every rhyme and built to a maniacally funny crescendo. Hang around cabarets and piano bars long enough and you hear that one sung a lot. This was the most memorable rendition I’ve ever seen.
— Broadwayworld on IF IT ONLY EVEN RUNS A MINUTE at Le Poisson Rouge

"Capable of instant mood shifts, she (Lauren Marcus) is by turns charming, cajoling, needy, assertive, petulant, seductive."  -The Lakeville Journal on THEY'RE PLAYING OUR SONG at Sharon Playhouse

“Ms. Marcus just glowed as the third member of this trio of ‘Old Friends,’ the writer who spends most of her time trying to smooth things out.” on MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG at Sharon Playhouse

“Marcus is particularly realistic in her work. She makes Mary Flynn the strongest character of the three…”  -Berkshire Bright Focus on MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG at Sharon Playhouse

Lauren Marcus’s Audrey is superb…an unapologetic masochist who longs for a better way of life. She wears the delightfully tasteless outfits with pride and assumes a grand manner when things improve for her through the disappearance of her brutally overbearing dentist boyfriend. She sings wonderfully and her rendition of ‘Somewhere That’s Green’ is tender and touching. It’s a great role for this actress and she is terrific in it.
— Berkshire Bright Focus on LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS at Sharon Playhouse

"As the bubble gum-chewing Suzy, Lauren Marcus displayed some serious comedic chops. Not once did Marcus play repeated examples of Suzy's vacuousness with even a touch of irony. Unlike some of her cohorts, her Suzy had her gloriously golden head on straight, even if there was little in it."  -The Manchester Journal on MARVELOUS WONDERETTES at The Weston Playhouse

Without saying a word, Marcus grabs your attention...Marcus does not fail to deliver.
— Stagebuzz