The 10 Best Things About "Never Really Done With You"

10 Favorite Things About Lauren Marcus’, ‘Never Really Done With You’ | Applaud Squad

Lauren Marcus is a frequent performer at cabaret clubs in New York like 54 Below and Joe’s Pub, as well as being a go-to girl for new musical readings. She’s also a stellar singer-songwriter who has a way with words; her storytelling skills are impeccable. Not to mention she just released an EP of her original music. I interviewed Lauren on my own blog, Letters to Broadway, and she had this to say about her EP.

“So my EP is called Never Really Done With You, and there are 6 songs on it. This has really been, like, This is the year, I’m doing this, it’s time. But I honestly didn’t feel ready until now to put anything out and I just do this year. I feel like I’m like giving birth to a child and I’m really excited.” You can read the entire interview here.

I am currently obsessed with her EP. It’s incredibly intimate, a complete snapshot of the way her mind works. Her ability to convey a story is astounding and her unique voice exudes emotion in the most beautiful way. Below are my ten favorite things about Never Really Done With You.

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Check out her adorable, amazing, NEW music video for “(I Got) the One That Got Away (Back)” below!

10 Favorite Things

  • The choice to opt up on the last verse of “(I Got) The One That Got Away.” I mean how does she even do that?!

  • The use of the deep male back-up vocals as percussion on “(I Got) The One That Got Away.” SWOON!

  • The doo-wop-esque lyrics on the chorus of “Lady Killer.” On top of that, how awesome it is to have a female pop duet? Doesn’t get much better than that.

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